For Patients

Treatment using medical cannabis in the Czech Republic

  • The type of medical cannabis and manner of its use is always determined by the selected approved doctor. 
  • Before patients begin using medical cannabis, the appointed specialist will conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s medical condition and assess the patient’s previous treatment, suitability for medical cannabis therapy and compliance with current legislation.
  • The doctor can only legally prescribe medical cannabis to adult patients, and only for certain medical conditions.
  • Therapy typically begins with a low dose of cannabis as the doctor works out an individual treatment plan. The dose is slowly increased up to a maximum of 180 grams of dry cannabis flower per month.
  • The effects of medical cannabis not only depend on the primary disease, but also on the biological makeup of the patient.
  • Patients shall adhere to the prescribed dosage and never increase the recommended dose without consulting their doctor.

Here is a list of the medical conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis:

Chronic unstoppable pain (especially pain associated with cancer, pain associated with degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, systemic rheumatic disease and immunopathological conditions, neuropathic pain and glaucoma);
Spasticity and its associated pain in multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury, painless intractable spasticity significantly restricting movement and mobility, or the patient’s breathing, involuntary kinesis caused by neurological diseases and other health complications originating from neurological diseases or spine injury with spinal cord injury or brain injury, neurological tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease and other neurological problems at the discretion of the attending physician;
Nausea, vomiting, appetite stimulation in connection with the treatment of cancer or the treatment of HIV infection;
Gilles de la Tourette syndrome;
Surface treatment of dermatoses and mucosal lesions.

Warning and restrictions on use

Medical cannabis is subject to the provisions of the Act on dependency-producing substances!

You may develop a psychological dependency on medical Cannabis!

The use of medical cannabis is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Medical cannabis can cause undesirable side effects such as dizziness or sleepiness, which can impair judgement. While receiving cannabis therapy, it is not advised that the patient drive or operate heavy machinery, for example. 

Source: State Agency for Medical Cannabis, Czech Republic, June 2016