The International Center for Cannabis Therapy is the first private medical cannabis facility in Europe. ICCT doctors use medical cannabis to alleviate symptoms such as chronic, unstoppable pain associated with selected serious health issues, as defined by Czech law. Due to the supportive legal environment in the Czech Republic, our doctors have the legal right to prescribe medical cannabis to those eligible patients who can medically benefit from the plant. This form of therapy has not been widely available to European patients  until the creation of this clinic.

The ICCT is continuously developing a range of cannabis products that aid in the treatment of patients. Our scientists specifically target different layers within the skin to deliver cannabis where it is needed most. These edibles, creams, oils, suppositories and sprays compliment the classical vaporization method of ingestion.

Tip: Cannabis therapy works best when accompanied with good, balanced nutrition and a healthy exercise regimen.

Our clinic seeks the greatest increase in quality of life for our medical cannabis patients. The majority of our treatments have little to no psychoactive effect on the patient. This is because we use a variety of standardized, medical strains containing different levels of psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids.